Who I am — Vita

Born in Lower Saxony, socialized in Baden, living in Bavaria (Munich).

Making : Producing : Lobbying for : Independent Performing Arts.

Elsa Büsing studied theater and musicology, philosophy and theology in Munich. As a dramaturge and project manager, she creates, develops and accompanies music-theatrical forms, performances in the context of digital technologies, artistic activities in public spaces, festivals and participatory cultural formats.

She regularly collaborates with the Meta Theater Moosach (Axel Tangerding), with artists such as Anna Konjetzky, Léonard Engel, Johanna Richter, Angelika Fink and Mathis Nitschke.

Another focus of her activities is on strengthening international cooperation and networks. In 2018, Elsa Büsing was a member of the organizing team of the IETM Plenary Meeting in Munich and, as a dramaturg and production manager, regularly supervises, among others, EU-funded international cooperation projects (2018-2021 THE CHORUS PROJECT, 2022-2024 future.repair.machine).

Stand: 2023