Art is a process, not a product

Feb. 3, 2021 Süddeutsche Zeitung / Ebersberg – Creative in the crisis : art is a process, not a product (German)

My short #TakeCareResidencies interim report on the success of artistic research.

Now, halfway through the residency period, it becomes clear that this is precisely what seems to be the special challenge: to free oneself from the idea of having to “deliver” something, but to be allowed to fail, to allow oneself to follow the traces that become visible in the process without immediately thinking, in an act of self-censorship, about whether this will lead anywhere and whether one will ever reach a goal and result in this way.


Thanks to the Reload Scholarship of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, we can now with THE FURIES


In other words, to step out of the mill: to ask, doubt, reject, start anew, ideas, perspectives, experiments, self-understanding – to give space and time to solidary discussions.

New publication: “Dialogue – a way through crisis”

The essay has now been published in “ACT – Zeitschrift für Musik und Performance” ( In it I deal with the dialogicity of the production “ACCATTONE” (J. Simons, Ruhrtriennale 2015). The essay is available for download on demand.

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Thanks to the team of “Beethoven with us” and especially to the many artists and hosts for a wunderful, intimate, individual and divers start to the Beethoven year 2020!