The Magic Of Hybrid Theatre

The Magic Of Hybrid Theatre

A hybrid theatre evening: get dressed up and join in … on site at the Metatheater or online at home!

Mon. 19.12.2022, 7:00 pm

Get dressed up and join us …
🠦 with us at the Meta Theatre
🠦 or online at home. Click here to go directly to the digital Meta Theatre (Zoom)

Admission free

The magic of hybrid theatre is the attempt to performatively connect two analogue performance spaces in a third digital space. Our vision is a creative space in which performers from different locations connect and perform together, react to each other, play together.

You can follow the different attempts to realise this vision live on Monday 19 December. We will be playing two analogue spaces in the Meta Theatre: The stage space of the Meta Theatre and the rehearsal space in the basement. At the same time, both spaces will be merged into a third performative space on the digital level.

A wide variety of arts come together in this experiment: painting, singing, performance, (electronic) music, video, light.

We look forward to welcoming all analogue and digital participants to this special event!

Gaston Florin – moderation
Cosima Büsing – Vocals, Performance
Max Ott – live painting, visuals
Lionel Dante Dzaack (Pathos Digital) – Music
Michaela Seifert – Video
Axel Tangerding, Elsa Büsing – outside eye & meta level
Sebastian Strauß – Technique