“O Heaven, o Earth”

"O Heaven, o Earth"

An Evening of Lieder, Songs and The Tempest … by Otfried Büsing

Fri. 28.04.2023, 7 pm
University of Music, Freiburg


… der Euch Neues bringt…
Scene with Walther von der Vogelweide for Mezzosoprano and prepared piano

The Table and the Chair
Three Nonsense Songs (Mezzosoprano and prepared piano)

Carissima amica
Five Songs after letters by W.A. Mozart (Sopran)

… as dreams are made on …
Songs, Interludes and a Monologue from the eponymous opera (Mezzosopran, Tenor, Sopran, Klavier, Kontrabass und Akkordeon)


Julia Rempe, Soprano
Cosima Büsing, Mareike Morr, Mezzosoprano
Timm Schuhmacher, Tenor
Stella Marie Lorenz, Ayako Imoto, Matthias Alteheld, Piano

Elsa Büsing, Dramaturgy

Bild Skyline Frankfurt – Photo by Mathias Konrath on Unsplash