“Kick-Off flausen+ bayern”

"Kick-Off flausen+ bayern"

Mo. 19.09.2022 | 12.00-18.00 h

Theatre Chapeau Claque Bamberg
Grafensteinstr. 16
96052 Bamberg
Free of charge (limited number of participants)

flausen+ goes Bayern!

Come to Bamberg and talk to us and actors from politics and administration as well as experts from the scene about our and your ideas. Ask us questions! Discuss with us! Join us in promoting the strengthening of the independent scene!
We want to know: What are you missing locally? What is missing in Bavaria? What do you need? How can we support you? Would you like to join the flausen+ network?

We look forward to seeing you!

Register at: kickoff.bayern@flausen.plus
Al info: flausen.plus/kick-off-flausenbayern

You are not from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region?

We can support up to 15 people travelling from outside the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region with a flat rate of 50 euros each for travel and (if required) 50 euros for accommodation. When registering at
kickoff.bayern@flausen.plus and make use of the support! First come first serve!