“A moment of Life Art”

"A moment of Life Art"

Guest post for Mathis Nitschke on my experiences with the production “Isolde”

In July, ISOLDE was the last part of a trilogy by Mathis Nitschke, which started with the production VIOLA at Pasinger Bahnhof, continued with KATHARINA at Münchner Freiheit and was now completed at the Kunsthalle in Munich city center. At ISOLDE I was as a dramaturge outside the door of the Kunsthalle the first port of call for those who came by, who were mostly wondering what was going on there and “where everyone was looking”. In the course of the performances, I was able to hold many exciting conversations and discussions with a wide variety of people. To experience and talk about “real-time” reactions during a theater performance was a great experience.

"A moment of Life Art"
Elsa Büsing an der Tür von ISOLDE | Foto: Mathis Nitschke

Mathis Nitschke’s opera installation ISOLDE is the dissection and romanticization of reality:

“… at the same time, we are also shown that we too often do not (want to) see the downside of prosperity, poverty, loneliness, social inequality, especially in Munich, surround ourselves with bulletproof glass’ so as not to break”, like a passerby noticed.”