The schwere reiter new building is now “open – we are open” | since Fri. 17.09. & Sat. 18.09.2021

We are open - local alien

Welcome! Artists from the independent scene show themselves and open a new house

The artists are back from pandemic isolation and will show themselves and their work on these two opening days in September in all their splendor and diversity: A new and a (soon to be) former venue, as well as the spaces in front and in between will be played, walked through and used. There will also be a celebration.

“geöffnet – we are open” – under this motto the future venue schwere reiter will be boarded and taken possession of with dance, theater, music and playfulness. Choreographers, theater makers and musicians from the independent scene, who feel a special connection to the location and its branches, will show short contributions from their work and present their own productions: We are back!

Contributing Artists:
dance: Stephan Herwig, Moritz Ostruschnjak, Micha Purucker, Johanna Richter,
Katrin Schafitel & Katrin Vogel, Claudia Senoner & Mark Lorenz Kysela
theatre: Olaf Becker, Judith Huber & Lea Ralfs, Caroline Kapp, Caitlin van der Maas, Raumkollektiv 3,
realprodukt Christina Ruf & Manuela Müller, Martina Veh, Rosalie Wanka & Kassandra Wedel
music: Claas Krause & Christopher Verworner, Cornelia Mélian & Helga Pogatschar,
Christoph Reiserer & Le Fourohr, Johannes X. Schachtner, Alexander Strauch & RSO-M, KP Werani & Freies Solistenensemble

Artistic Direction: Christoph Reiserer, Alexander Strauch / Production Management: Elsa Büsing / PR: Beate Zeller


FRIDAY 17.09.21

17:00 OUTDOOR / STUDIO: a-QR-z – Mobile Conceptual Approaches | realprodukt Christina Ruf + Manuela Müller
18:00 OUTDOOR: THE URGE | Ceren Oran
18:30 NEW HALL: Shake – Mmmooz Reloaded | Claudia Senoner + Mark Lorenz Kysela
19:00 NEW HALL: Hi, I’m open, how are you? | Olaf Becker
19:30 NEW HALL: … singing about love | Cornelia Mélian + Helga Pogatschar
20:30 NEW HALL: YESTER:NOW (excerpts) | Moritz Ostruschnjak
21:30 NEW HALL: SPUNDWAND_1 with 4 tributes (2021) | KP Werani

Time variable OUTDOOR: Le Fou Rohr | Christoph Reiserer
BY MOMENTS: local aliens – distracted + errant | Micha Purucker

SATURDAY 18.09.21

16:00 DRAUSSEN / STUDIO: a-QR-z – mobile conceptual approaches | realprodukt Christina Ruf + Manuela Müller
16:30 NEW HALL: Karl at Home in the ALL (Preview) | Caitlin van der Maas
16:30 + 19:30 OUTDOOR: ZWINK | Katrin Schafitel + Katrin Vogel
17:00 NEW STUDIO: The Blind | Martina Veh
17:30 NEW HALL: Come Closer | Johanna Richter
17:30 + 20:00 OUTDOOR: Epitaph B-C | Alexander Strauch
18:00 NEW STUDIO: SOLO | Stephan Herwig
18:30 NEW HALL: MÜNCHNER SCENERIES | Johannes X. Schachtner
19:00 OUTDOOR: Visual Vibrations | Rosalie Wanka + Kassandra Wedel
19:30 NEW HALL: The Feminist Anarchists | Caroline Kapp + Desiree Kabis + Florian Wulff
20:30 NEW HALL: Manifesto | Judith Huber + Lea Ralfs
21:30 NEW HALL: The Shards of Old Europe | Judith Huber + Lea Ralfs