Wusch! Zak! Puf! (Léonard Engel)

Drei unterschiedlich Wesen tanzen (c) ChristianPOGOZach

Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming invisible? Or looking bigger and stronger? Or even being a completely different being? In “Whoosh! Zak! Puf! How to Appear and Disappear”, three green figures transform an empty stage into a landscape where they can give free rein to their dreams. They bring whimsical creatures to life: There is the zebra who doesn’t want to show himself; the peacock who tries to enchant us with his bright colours or the gentle moss giant who doesn’t quite know which shape he wants to take at the moment.

“Whoosh! Zak! Puf!” draws inspiration from the camouflage behaviour of various animal species and tells a poetic story about self-expression and acceptance.

Do. 26.01.2023, 10 Uhr (Premiere)
Fr. 27.01.2023, 10 Uhr
Sa. 28.01.2023, 15 Uhr

Theater Hoch X, München

More Information: Wusch! Zak! Puf! – HochX Theater und Live Art (theater-hochx.de)

Choreography: Léonard Engel
Dancers: Tamara Saphir, Jemima Rose Dean, Léonard Engel
Composition: Joely Ketterer
Lightdesign & Technical Director: Wolfgang Eibert
Stage & Costume Design: Léonard Engel
Costume Production: Christin Wanke
Production Management: Elsa Büsing

Picture Credits: Foto (c) ChristianPOGOZach